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brompton m2
Bromptom M2

Brompton Technology’s flagship HD processor, the Tessera M2 LED processor, offers unrivalled creative and colour management features. Perfect for rental companies, these rugged 2U rackmount units combine power, flexibility, and performance, with outstanding fixture and front-end processing. The M2 has one DVI-I input, and two 3G-SDI inputs. It supports a wide range of input resolutions and formats up to 1080p60, and offers front-side processing, rotation and DMX control. The M2 eliminates the need to use an external scaler or scan converter, reducing cost, simplifying your system, and offering lower end-to-end system latency. The M2 includes a range of broadcast-quality video processing, including motion-adaptive deinterlacing and clipping, as well as two parallel processing pipelines, giving you the ability to cleanly fade or snap between video sources and/or settings. There are several powerful, flexible options for configuring fixtures within the full HD 1920×1080 standard canvas: • Quick Association for a fast and easy way to associate large numbers of fixtures to a Brompton processor • Pixel mapping that allows free placement and rotation of fixtures regardless of cabling order and includes mapping support for multiple ‘sub-fixtures’ from a single Receiver Card, e.g. for LED strips / small tiles, allowing each one to be independently positioned and rotated • Interpolated Mode that seamlessly and automatically scales your content across all fixture types regardless of pixel pitch